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Quality Policy

Commitment to Customer Delight

 Five Star Logistics Co Ltd. is committed to delight customers by providing g superior Freight management & Logistics services. This we shall achieve by: –

  •  Increasing productivity through continual improvement, effective resourcee utilization and process optimization.
  •  Complying with all applicable legal and statutory requirements.
  •  Providing growth oriented work environment for employees.

Five Star Logistics Environmental Health & Safety Policy

Five Star Logistics is committed to conducting all operations in a safe and compliant manner, prioritizing the environment and employee health & safety in every decision and plan. Our objective is to prevent any EHS occurrences by striving to eliminate unsafe conditions and actions. To achieve this goal, we adhere to specific principles outlined in our EHS policy:

Managerial Responsibility

Managers and supervisors are accountable for the EHS of operations under their control and will be evaluated based on their record and performance.

Safe Work Environment

We provide a safe work environment by eliminating or controlling hazards with appropriate equipment, facilities, procedures, and personal protective equipment.


We adhere to all applicable EHS legislation, regulations, codes, and accepted work practices, establishing specific rules and procedures for all employees and contractors.

Training and Qualification

Each employee receives medical qualification, hazard awareness training, and instruction in EHS work procedures and personal protective equipment usage.

Individual Responsibility

All employees and contractors are responsible for performing their job activities safely, following relevant EHS rules, regulations, instructions, and training.

Reporting and Investigation

Unsafe acts, conditions, and incidents are promptly reported to supervisors, investigated, and corrected to ensure a safe working environment.
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